Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sato Tadayuki & John Gage U.S. Seminar

Great news! On August 17, 18, and 19 Nicklaus Suino Sensei, SMAA Judo Division Director, will be offering a special seminar at his Michigan dojo featuring budo experts Sato Tadayuki Sensei and John B. Gage Sensei. Both teachers are coming direct from Tokyo to the U.S., and they’ll be offering instruction in three important Japanese martial arts:

• The Kodokan judo of Kano Jigoro Sensei
• The Shod
okan aikido of Tomiki Kenji Sensei
• The Nihon jujutsu of Sato Shizuya Sensei

Sato Tadayuki Sensei is an expert judoka and a direct student of the late Tomiki Kenji Sensei, founder of Shodokan aikido. He teaches Tomiki-style aikido at the Japan Police University, and he lives in Tokyo.

John B. Gage Sensei is also a high-ranking judoka, and he is a direct student of the late Sato Shizuya Sensei, a judo and jujutsu expert. He is also the current head of Sato Sensei’s system of modern jujutsu. He teaches judo and jujutsu at the American Embassy Judo Club, and he lives in Tokyo.

Not only have we arranged for SMAA members to be able to study with two of Japan’s top budoka, their SMAA membership will allow them to receive a special discount at this event. This is due to Suino Sensei’s close involvement with the SMAA, and it is just one of the many advantages of SMAA membership.

Space is limited for this special seminar, so contact Suino Sensei soon to get more details, and be sure to mention your SMAA membership to receive discounted training in world-class judo, aikido, and jujutsu. He can be reached at or (734) 645-6441.