Thursday, February 12, 2009

15th Anniversary!

2009 marks the 15th anniversary of the SMAA. We’re planning a number of exciting ways to commemorate this milestone, and we’ll have more information coming shortly. These are some things to look forward to in 2009:

SMAA 15th Anniversary CD-ROM—We’re collecting many of the top feature stories and articles from the past 15 years of the SMAA Journal. We hope to put these great articles on a special CD-ROM that we’ll mail to our entire membership free of charge. It will be our gift to you for helping the SMAA promote and preserve traditional budo.

SMAA Anniversary Seminar Series—For the past few years, we’ve presented the SMAA Seminar & Conference. It took place once each year, and we brought several senior SMAA instructors to teach at it, with attendees from multiple U.S. states and more than one country. The event has sold out many times and been a great success, but it requires participants to often travel some distance to attend. In honor of our 2009 anniversary, we’re going to forego this event, and offer instead a series of regional seminars at various locations in the USA and perhaps other countries. There will be several one, two, or three day events, often offered at a price lower than the SMAA Seminar, taking place throughout all of 2009. You’ll save money on travel expenses and instruction fees, while you’ll have multiple opportunities to train with SMAA expert teachers. This seminar series will be the SMAA’s gift to its members to commemorate our 15th anniversary.

SMAA Utah Seminar—The first event in our SMAA Anniversary Seminar Series will take place in April in Utah. More details can be found below.