Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Paul Martin Book

SMAA member Paul Martin Sensei has a new book out on the Japanese sword, its history, appreciation, and appraisal:

The Japanese Sword Guide to Nyusatsu Kantei is a handy little booklet that is beneficial to sword enthusiasts of all levels. It has basic information on sword classification, explanations on the important rules of etiquette and handling, and explains the rules of nyusatsu kantei: a pastime in which participants try to appraise the maker of a sword. It also includes charts listing the mainline smiths (in both kanji and romanji) for easy navigation when taking part in nyusatsu kantei.

$12 + pp

This book should be of interest to SMAA members involved with Japanese swords and swordsmanship. Check it out at Martin Sensei's website www.thejapanesesword.com.