Thursday, March 22, 2012

New SMAA Journal!

The first 2012 issue of the SMAA Journal is out, and members should be receiving it any day now. If you’re an SMAA member, and you do not receive the journal shortly, it probably means that either you have not paid 2012 dues or we don’t have your current e-mail address. If your dues are current, please send your e-mail address to, and we’ll check to make sure your address is correctly recorded in our database. 

This issue of the journal is bigger and better than ever, with great articles, including:

  • Information about SMAA instructor certification
  • An Introduction to Japanese Yoga & Martial Arts—an upcoming special event that’s free to SMAA members
  • The Japanese Sword: Ancient Tradition, Living Culture, Modern Art—a report on SMAA Senior Advisor Paul Martin’s recent SMAA event about the art of the Japanese sword
  • Information about new books by SMAA officials, including Nicklaus Suino, Sawai Atsuhiro, Dave Lowry, and John Evans
  • Be Patient and Flow—an autobiographical article by SMAA Jujutsu Division Director Steve Fabian covering life lessons from his study of Hontai Yoshin Ryu jujutsu in Japan
  • Riai: The Meaning of the Meaning—an article by SMAA Senior Advisor Wayne Muromoto on “the coming together of principles” in aikido and other martial arts
  • Uke: The Receiver of the Technique—an article on karate-do by SMAA Senior Advisor Tom Kosslow, Wado Ryu karate-do 7th dan
  • To Die on the Mat—an article by SMAA Senior Advisor Mark Colby on classic judo in Japan
  • Japanese Words You Should Know—an article by SMAA Iaido Division Director Nicklaus Suino
  • Be Incredible Now . . . If not Sooner—one more great article by Nicklaus Suino on personal growth in budo and daily life 
Not getting the SMAA Journal? Join or renew your membership at, and be part of one of the world’s premier Japanese martial arts societies.