Monday, April 6, 2009

SMAA Judoka Win in Michigan

Members of the Japanese Martial Arts Center and Institute of Traditional Asian Martial Arts judo classes attended the Michigan Open Judo Championships in Lansing, Michigan, on Sunday, March 21, 2009. Several of the JMAC and ITAMA students are SMAA members. JMAC is lead by Nicklaus Suino Sensei, Director SMAA Judo Divison and Shihan/rokudan in that division. ITAMA is lead by Daniel Holland Sensei, SMAA Judo Division shodan.

The tournament was held at the IM-West Intramural Sports Building on the campus of Michigan State University, hosted by the MSU Judo Club. The sponsoring organization was the United States Judo Federation (USJF), with its president, Neil Simon, in attendance. JMAC and ITAMA members competed in many of the divisions and did well in both individual and team competitions.

Results for the JMAC and ITAMA groups were as follows:

Stephen Morris (Sandan, SMAA Judo Division) and Daniel Holland (Shodan, SMAA Judo Division) - First Place, Nage no Kata Competition

Stephen Morris - First Place, Masters - Lightweight

Mark Altomare - Second Place, Masters - Lightweight

William Robinson - Third Place, Masters - Heavyweight

Lawrence Gross III - Third Place, Senior Men - Heavyweight

Erik Barbara - Third Place, Senior Men - Middleweight (6th Kyu, SMAA Jujutsu Division)

Andrew Bunker - Second Place, Senior Men - Lightweight

Raymond Pressley - Third Place, Junior boys 11-13

Briana Campbell - Third Place, Junior Girls 10-13

Tristan Butler - First Place, Junior Boys 11-14

Tanner Butler - First Place, Junior Girls 7-9

The SMAA would like to congratulate all of the tournaments participants and winners. To find out more about the SMAA Judo Division, drop by