Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Final Photos from the SMAA Utah Seminar

These are the final photos from the SMAA Utah Seminar, the first event in the SMAA's 15th anniversary seminar series. The next event is coming up soon in California:

SMAA California Seminar (1)—Dates: June 27 and 28. Location: San Francisco Bay Area (Albany, California). Featured Instructor: H. E. Davey (SMAA Primary Director and jujutsu Shihan/seventh dan). Attending Instructors: Kevin Heard Sensei (SMAA Senior Advisor), Ohsaki Jun Sensei (SMAA Senior Advisor), and Ann Kameoka Sensei (SMAA Senior Advisor). Subjects: Japanese yoga/meditation and Saigo Ryu aiki-jujutsu. Theme: “Unification of Mind & Body in the Martial Arts.” Contact: H. E. Davey (Telephone: 510-526-7518, E-mail: hedavey@aol.com).

Spaces are filling up fast for this seminar, so be sure to contact Mr. Davey soon to be able to participate.