Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thanks to Heard Sensei

Kevin Heard Sensei has retired as the webmaster of our website. Heard Sensei selflessly performed this service for many years, and the SMAA Board of Directors and Board of Advisors is grateful for his past help with our website. Maintaining our website was actually only one of the functions he performs for the SMAA, and he’ll continue to be active in our group as a leader within the SMAA Jujutsu Division, and as the Associate Editor of the SMAA Journal, while he helps out behind the scene in other ways.

New Webmaster

The SMAA has a new webmaster. Don Prior Sensei, an SMAA regular member, makes his living in the computer field. For many years, he has also been devoted to karate-do, judo, and other budo. The SMAA thanks Prior Sensei was his help with our website, and we’re looking forward to his assistance on the Internet.