Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June SMAA California Seminar--Part 6

The final training session on Sunday focused on Saigo Ryu shime waza, strangling techniques. Specifically, H. E. Davey taught a stranglehold that was used in response to a punch. Using the mind-body concepts he had previously outlined in his Japanese yoga instruction, he focused on how an attacker could be easily unbalanced and lead into an effective stranglehold by subtly leading their mind. The basic idea was that the mind moves the body, while the body acts as a reflection of the mind.

With this understating, participants were able to move and unbalance their punching opponents, even skilled members of the SMAA Karate-do Division, with just a light touch. The attackers' momentum lead them into a powerful stranglehold. Mr. Davey also emphasized that in applying this hold, one's body must be positioned so that the attacker cannot strike the face or body with hand, elbow, or foot. He also explained that correctly executed strangleholds allow a martial artist to render an assailant unconscious with little ill effect, introducing a compassionate and ethical dimension into the arts that he taught.

The images above depict Mr. Davey's instruction. He was ably assisted by Kevin Heard Sensei, SMAA Jujutsu Division fifth dan and SMAA Senior Advisor. This June marks Heard Sensei's 25th year of practicing budo.