Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June California SMAA Seminar--Part 4

Next up on Saturday was training in Saigo Ryu, a martial art with both armed and unarmed aspects. The seminar concentrated on the unarmed portion of the curriculum, and H. E. Davey started training with ukemi falling drills.

Participants then worked on ki o michibiki, the art of leading an opponent's mind to create effortless throws and pinning techniques. Based on the mind and body unification principles outlined in the preceding Japanese yoga class, the basic premise was that since the mind controls the body, if we can lead an attacker's mind in a certain direction, we can lead their body in that direction as well. By using this principle, students found that they could easily unbalance their training partners with little effort.

Students studied how by applying pressure in one direction, they could cause an opponent to unconsciously move in another direction, all with little or no effort. This is specifically known as hando kuzushi, "reverse action unbalancing," and it is a sophisticated version of reverse psychology as it is applied to jujutsu. This principle is an expression of the Aiki In-Yo Ho concept, which originated long ago in the Aizu clan of feudal Japan.

Finally, participants studied how they could use these same ideas to effortlessly throw an opponent with kote gaeshi, a painful and powerful wrist bending technique. Mr. Davey emphasized the secret to bending a strong person's wrist lies in first quickly creating a circular and downward movement in their mind.

The above images show SMAA members H. E. Davey, Troy Swenson, William Kelch, Ohsaki Jun Sensei, Kevin Heard Sensei, and others.