Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June SMAA California Seminar--Part 10

These are just a few miscellaneous photos of SMAA members practicing Japanese yoga and Saigo Ryu martial arts at the June SMAA California Seminar. Shown above are Boris Faybishenko, PhD, Troy Swenson, John Gayton, William Kelch, H. E. Davey, Ohsaki Jun Sensei, Ann Kameoka Sensei, Kevin Heard Sensei, Wesley Keppel-Henry, and others.

Below is information about the next SMAA California Seminar. Space is extremely limited for this event, so act quickly to reserve your place.

SMAA California Seminar (2)—Dates: November 21 and 22. Location: San Francisco Bay Area (Albany, California). Featured Instructor: H. E. Davey (SMAA Primary Director and jujutsu Shihan/seventh dan). Attending Instructors: Kevin Heard Sensei (SMAA Senior Advisor), Ohsaki Jun Sensei (SMAA Senior Advisor), and Ann Kameoka Sensei (SMAA Senior Advisor). Subjects: Japanese yoga/meditation and Saigo Ryu aiki-jujutsu. Theme: “Meditation in the Martial Arts.” Contact: H. E. Davey (Telephone: 510-526-7518, E-mail: hedavey@aol.com).