Tuesday, June 30, 2009

July SMAA Michigan Seminar

The third seminar in the 15th Anniversary SMAA Seminar Series will take place in Ann Arbor, Michigan on July 25, 2009. Nicklaus Suino Sensei, SMAA Iaido Division shihan and seventh dan, will be the senior ranking instructor at the event. He is also the seminar host.

The theme is "SMAA All-Swords Day," and instruction will be offered in Muso Jikiden Eishin
Ryu iaido (Nicklaus Suino Sensei), kendo (Charlie Kondek Sensei), tameshi giri--cutting objects (Andrew Bryant Sensei), and Aikikai aiki ken--aikido swordsmanship (Max Roach Sensei).

The cost is $45 for SMAA members and $55 for nonmembers. Space is limited and early registration is suggested.

You can get additional registration information by contacting Suino Sensei at shudokan@smaa-hq.com or calling 734-645-6441. Act now to reserve your place for a fun and informative introduction to several unique ways of practicing with the Japanese sword.