Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Images of Quinn Sensei

Quinn Sensei is a direct student of Nawa Yumio Sensei, the 10th generation Headmaster of Masaki Ryu. He received high-level teaching certification from Nawa Sensei, and he is the founder of the Masaki Ryu Bujutsu Kenkyukai.

Quinn Sensei is one of only a handful of people--anywhere in the world--licensed to teach Masaki Ryu. He lives in Virginia, where he teaches this time-honored martial art. The images above are of Quinn Sensei and Nawa Sensei on NHK TV many years go in Japan, Quinn Sensei at Nawa Sensei's grave, with members of the Tokyo Masakikai after training, and demonstrating Masaki Ryu kusarigama-jutsu. Visit www.smaa-hq.com to join the SMAA and start learning more about koryu like Masaki Ryu.